Today, in the slight shade of sadness and disappointment, yet enlightened and buoyed by an even greater sense of community and gratitude, we announce the final days of Park House as we close our doors at the end of January. As we think about the end after 3 1/2 years, we can’t even begin to encapsulate our appreciation for so many of you out there who have helped to make this place what it is. 

TO OUR STAFF AND EMPLOYEES, both past and present, who grinded through the long shifts and late nights, who put their jobs above all else, who happily jumped on board with the crazy ideas, the crawfish boils and haunted houses, marching bands and Mario Kart tournaments, parking lot events, birthday parties, and New Years Eves, who carried on day and night with aims beyond their own, all to benefit this place, we are so very grateful. 

TO OUR PATRONS, FRIENDS, AND FAMILIES, who have chosen Park House on any given night, who have driven in from the suburbs or walked in from the surrounding neighborhood, to spend your valuable time and your hard-earned money, to support us and our staff in what we have been building, who have been enthusiastic and helpful, hopeful and patient, we thank you for your endearing support.

TO THE MUSIC COMMUNITY OF DENVER, if you’ve sang a song, played an instrument, sat in on an open bluegrass pick, circled around the piano on a late night, danced, listened, or in some way or another enjoyed the vibe of our venue, it is because of your willingness we have thrived. Through your encouragement and support and the gracious lending of your talents, you helped to foster the growth of our scene, and in doing so, created an environment for us that we, in fact, had hoped to create for you.

To all who supported & believed in Park House, THANK YOU.

Please stop by and share our last days with us. 

Thurs, January 21: Outlaws of Colfax
Fri, January 22: MusicMarauders Presents Digital Beat Down and That John Arnold
Sat, Jan 23: Interstate Stash Express
Sun, Jan 24: Denver Broncos vs New England Patriots

Wed, Jan 27: WhiskeyGrass Wednesdays: ONE LAST BLUEGRASS PICK. Come one, come all.

Thurs, Jan 28: DANK-Colorado Presents Mike Massé

Fri, Jan 29: Home

Sat, Jan. 30th: Park House Closing Party w/ Ignatius Reilly + Roland Roberts and Friends + Kory Montgomery Project featuring Robby Peoples / John McCartan (The Drunken Hearts) and other Special Guest Musicians

Sun, Jan 31: Sunday Evening Honky Tonk featuring Lee Sims and The Platte River Band